Top 4 ways to boost testosterone

Testosterone is an important hormone that affects many functions in the body. For instance, it triggers physical changes like muscle development, hair growth, and voice changes. The hormone is majorly produced in the testis and ovaries, but the adrenal glands also produce it in small amounts. An optimal level of testosterone is essential for the body to function well. Those with low levels can gradually boost testosterone in a few simple ways.

There are several notable benefits to exercising, and an important one that makes it to the list is increased testosterone in the body. However, the extent of this benefit depends on what kind of exercise one performs and how intensely. Weight training is noted to boost the levels of this hormone in the body for the short term.

Minimize stress
When stressed, the body’s cortisol level shoots up, which reduces testosterone levels. This is because the two hormones share an inverse relationship with each other. If one goes up, the other comes down, and vice versa.

Get more vitamin D
Vitamin D is an essential micronutrient that helps one build strong bones and sleep well. Some studies also suggest low vitamin D may be linked to low testosterone. Regular exposure to safe sunlight, wearing sunscreen, and eating vitamin D-rich foods may help raise the amount of this vitamin and thus help maintain testosterone levels.

Increase protein intake
Nutrition plays an important role in producing testosterone and maintaining good overall health. Studies suggest that eating the right amount of protein, as recommended by a nutritionist, can help maintain the body’s testosterone levels. Consuming the right amount of protein is important because too much can also disrupt testosterone levels. One can consult a nutritionist to check whether they need to modify their food habits. The expert may consider the patient’s lifestyle and other factors before suggesting a change in nutrition to raise testosterone levels.