Avoid these 5 common makeup mistakes

Everyone has their own tried and tested makeup routines. There might be products you have been using for years. Or you may have been following specific steps over time. Although these routines and products have worked for you in the past, it’s never too late to learn new things and update your routine. There are some products you may want to do away with or some routines you may want to add to.

Not prepping your skin
Cleanse, tone, and moisturize your face before you apply any makeup products. This will prevent any cakey effect once you are done applying your products. Also, before applying foundation or concealer, ensure you have applied primer on your face. This will prevent the makeup from melting on your face.

Using the wrong lighting
When you apply makeup under the wrong lighting, you won’t see the true colors of the eye shadow or lip color on your face. The best lighting to use while doing any makeup is natural sunlight. If this is not an option, pick a warm white LED light.

Using a thick concealer
You probably prefer layering up your face with concealer to hide dark circles, pigmentations, and acne scars. However, if the consistency of your concealer is thick, you may end up with a patchy or cakey look. Instead, pick liquid concealers that have a lighter consistency. These will give a more dewy finish making your makeup look natural.

Not damping the beauty blender
A dry beauty blender will cause uneven application of your makeup product. So damp it up by dipping it in water and squeezing off the excess. You can also use a spray mister filled with water to moisten your beauty blender.

Not using color correctors
Foundation and concealers are insufficient to cover pigmentation, dark circles, and other marks. The best way to ensure proper coverage is to use color correctors. Determining which color correctors work well for you may take trial and error. But the results will be worth it.