9 unfavorable cities for people with migraine

Migraine is a neurological disorder marked by headache, severe throbbing pain, or pulsating sensation in a part of one’s head. The condition can vary in intensity and can affect one’s daily life. Many factors play a role in offsetting one’s migraine, the major ones being a city’s environmental factors and stress. Studies show that the following cities are more likely to trigger migraines in people, thanks to their stress-inducing environmental factors.

Worst cities that trigger migraines

Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga, TN
A Vanderbilt University research has linked Tennessee’s barometric pressure to migraine issues in its cities. Barometric pressure is the atmospheric pressure that affects the oxygen level in the air. Those who reside in cities with maximum fluctuations in air pressure are at a greater risk of experiencing migraine attacks. Cities like Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga see multiple barometric pressure shifts during a year, making them unsuitable for migraine sufferers.

Dallas, TX
Hot summers with rapid air pressure changes or places prone to frequent storms can also contribute to migraines. For example, Dallas, TX, has more violent weather and may not be suitable for some.

Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix is considered the country’s hottest city, reaching even 100 degrees on most days from May to September. Since people with migraine are sensitive to extreme heat or sunlight, summer might not be an ideal time to visit the city. Heat exhaustion can also bring dizziness, vomiting, fainting, and nausea, which are some signs of migraine.

Canton-Massillon, OH
Studies show that larger cities tend to produce high-stress levels among people and irregular sleep patterns, contributing to migraine. Canton ranks high in city stress levels, making it unsuitable for some migraine sufferers.

New York City, NY
NYC is another place marked with high levels of occupation, stress, and activity, along with sleep problems, making it less-than-ideal for most people with the disorder.

Cincinnati, OH and St. Louis, MO-IL
Both Cincinnati and St. Louis are considered some of the worst cities for migraine sufferers due to their lifestyle factors, including long commutes, the hustle and bustle, overtime, and local food habits. St. Louis, notably, also experiences dramatic weather and temperature changes.

Apart from these, the following cities have multiple contributing factors linked to migraine attacks:

  • Little Rock-North Little Rock, AR
  • Madison, WI
  • Greenville-Spartanburg-Anderson, SC.

A city’s environmental factors do not necessarily trigger migraines. At times, genetics, bad food habits, hormonal changes, or even disorders like TMD may contribute to it.