6 tips to sell a used car for a great value online

Parting ways with a car one has driven around for years can be an emotional moment. Still, it is a job that needs doing. The individual may want to upgrade to a new car with more space for their family or downsize for financial reasons. In either case, one will need to find a reliable buyer and make a good deal. Here are six tips to help one go about selling their pre-owned car online.

Determine the correct value
One of the first steps to preparing a second-hand car for sale is to determine its value. The individual could find online dealerships that will check the vehicle identification number (VIN) and gather details about the car’s condition before offering a set value for it. It is important to be upfront about each aspect of the vehicle’s condition to prevent a depreciation in the quoted value at the time of sale.

Get a copy of the title
Individuals must keep the original vehicle title in a safe place. If one has misplaced it, one should obtain a copy from the appropriate authorities to sell the vehicle and transfer the title to the new owner.

Run a vehicle history report
Sellers must ensure they offer potential buyers as much information as possible about the car. This could include running checks to verify the vehicle registration, odometer readings, total loss information, structural damage, service and repair information, and recall information.

Once the paperwork is in order, one should advertise the car for sale. Multiple online platforms and local newspapers offer advertising space for a fee.

Take pictures of the car
In the online market, people usually look at car pictures before anything else. Therefore, one must take plenty of pictures of the car and upload them in high quality to attract prospective buyers.

Prepare the car for the sale
Before transferring the car to the new owner, one must take personal items out of the trunk, clean the interiors thoroughly, and perform basic maintenance. Getting the car washed is also a nice gesture that shows one truly cares about the sale.