6 signs that indicate a lung disease

Lung diseases might be difficult to manage if not diagnosed early. One such condition is MAC lung disease—an infection causing cough and fever, among other symptoms. On the other hand, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma are both lung issues associated with swelling in the airways. Recognizing the warning signs of such respiratory issues can help one get an early diagnosis. So, here are some symptoms of lung diseases that require immediate attention:

Chronic cough
A chronic cough refers to a cough which has been prevalent for eight weeks or longer. This persistent coughing could be a sign that there is some underlying respiratory issue that needs immediate attention and treatment.

Shortness of breath
This is common if one is involved in some strenuous activity like exercising, which increases the heart rate. If one is experiencing labored breathing even in everyday normal activities, it is not a healthy sign. There could indicate other things like diaphragm not having enough space to contract and expand or an infection. It is better to not ignore this sign as just something temporary.

Chronic mucus production
Phlegm or sputum is the body’s way of dealing with an infection or an allergic reaction. It is known to be produced by the airways to help prevent allergens from entering or other environmental pollutants, which could be harmful to the lungs. However, if this mucus production lasts 30 or more days, it is time to see a health professional who can diagnose the issue properly.

If breathing is taking up energy and creating a noise like something is blocking the airway, then it is time for a health check up. Breathing process should happen naturally, without obstruction or noise, so checking the airway thoroughly is recommended.

Coughing up blood
Chronic coughing can sometimes also lead to coughing up blood. This is not to be ignored as it is a sign that there may be an infection in the lungs or the upper respiratory tract that needs immediate attention. A detailed diagnosis will help determine the source of the bleeding and start the required treatment immediately.

Chronic chest pain
Chest pain as a symptom can signal many things including lung disease. If it hurts to take deep breaths in and out or while coughing, there may be an underlying problem. If this pain lasts more than a month, it is important to visit a healthcare professional immediately.