5 things you must avoid doing on a cruise

Cruising is the best way to travel from one destination to another. It is far more relaxed and fun compared to other modes of travel. But there are some rules that one needs to keep in mind while on a cruise. Like any other societal norm, there are some unsaid rules to follow, and if this is your first cruise experience, you should check them. Following are five things to avoid doing on a cruise vacation.

Don’t overload the luggage
With travel comes the shopping spree. That said, one needs to be mindful while packing. Always remember to pack light and carry clothes that can be reused. Don’t forget to pack according to the climatic conditions of the destination. There might not be any weight limitations on the luggage per se, but the cabin storage can be limited. The only thing one needs to pack liberally is sunscreen.

Don’t reserve places
Cruise ships are made for a luxurious vacation experience. One can enjoy multiple activities like swimming, surfing, snorkeling, spas, and ziplines, among others. Make sure you do not reserve those suntan tables, rides, or a seat at the bar. Manage your time accordingly. Understand that people on board have also come to experience the same amenities.

Don’t limit yourself to the buffet
The buffet is the meal that is mostly covered in your fare. You will be served three meals a day, but don’t just limit yourself to it. Try different restaurants cafes that are available on the ship. You do not want to miss trying some lip-smacking cuisines. Plus, you can also experience the ambiance and décor that come along with the meals.

Don’t try to be over-friendly with the crew
It’s normal to get friendly with the staff at a resort or cruise, for that matter, any place you’re going to stay at for multiple days. But one thing to know about the staff on the cruise is that they have to follow strict policies. They cannot be seen being over-friendly with the guests onboard. It could cost them their job. Try to keep your interactions limited to your needs and requirements on board. 

Don’t be rude to the crew
Crew members work really hard to meet all your requirements on board. Therefore, to greet and acknowledge their efforts whenever you can. These personal gestures can motivate them to do better. If you are traveling first-class or have booked a luxurious suite, you might have a dedicated crew member to attend to your needs at all times. Make sure you offer a tip by the end of your journey. 

Vacationing on a cruise can be a memorable experience only when you keep the aforementioned factors in mind. One thing to remember before getting on board is to check what is included in the cruise fare. Also, read through their instructions carefully. Contact the representative and ask multiple questions, if any, before you book your tickets. Share the same information with your partner, friends or family members tagging along.

Extra tip: Don’t book an overpriced cruise package. Several cruises offer attractive packages at exorbitant prices. However, it’s essential to check what’s included in the package, as many cruise liners may charge extra for services on board. A few popular cruises that give you value for your money are Celebrity Cruises, Viking Cruises, and Virgin Voyages. The company websites feature some attractive offers and discounts, so do check those out. 

Other popular tours include Viator’s Santorini sunset cruise, and Kauai snorkeling tours. These are suitable for tourists of all ages. You can enjoy various activities, including sightseeing and water sports like snorkeling.

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