5 makeup tips for concealing skin lesions

Women use makeup for many reasons; some like to showcase their creativity or express their individuality. There are also other reasons to use makeup, including camouflaging psoriasis or skin conditions like acne. Of course, there are treatments to help one manage the condition. However, these skin complications could leave lesions that may not go away for extended periods. Therefore, here are five makeup tips to help one cover the effects of psoriasis and acne.

Prepare the skin
The first step before applying any makeup product on the skin is to prepare the skin for the process. One should wash hands and the skin that requires makeup thoroughly before starting with the makeup application. Proper hygiene can protect the skin from attracting foreign germs while making the skin conditions less visible.

Use soft, clean tools
It is also important to use clean cosmetic tools to avoid worsening the skin condition. A few tools one could use include soft-bristle brushes, beauty blenders, sponges, and cotton applicators. One should also wash makeup brushes and other tools every 7 to 10 days to prevent skin infections. Furthermore, one should refrain from sharing cosmetic tools to prevent complications.

Keep it light
Applying more makeup to conceal a lesion is not the best idea. One must limit the use of cosmetic products, especially if there is a flare-up of psoriasis symptoms. One could also use foundation, a sheer but buildable formula, and apply it in thin layers. It is also better to avoid or limit heavy concealers.

Pick liquid-based products
Powder-based foundations and concealers usually dry the skin, which may be less effective in concealing breakouts. Instead, one must use liquid or cream-based products to create a natural look. Furthermore, the individual must avoid products with sparkle as these could draw attention to the regions that the individual wants to conceal. These types of glitter in foundations and concealers may also irritate the skin and trigger flare-ups.

Remove makeup gently
While there are facial wipes and removers, the products are often high in skin irritants that could worsen psoriasis. Instead, one can use a gentle cleanser, soap, or oil-based makeup remover to get the job done. Furthermore, one should avoid roughly rubbing or scrubbing their skin and gently massage and rinse it free. The process could help prevent flare-ups and control psoriasis and acne breakouts.