5 great buy now, pay later apps for phones

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) apps are apps people can use to purchase the goods they want and pay for them later on within a reasonable amount of time. They are great options for many shoppers in a cash crunch near the end of their wage cycle. There are a handful of BNPL providers with super-intuitive phone apps. Some of the most commonly downloaded and best ones are listed below:

School and university students often try BNPL apps when they use up all their spending money. One of the best options designed with students in mind is Afterpay. This app comes with a generous credit limit of $500. Each purchase made using it gets split into four equal payments. Arguably, the best aspect of this app is that users do not need to have a basic creditworthiness score to enjoy the BNPL benefits. There will only be a soft credit check before users can shop for whatever they need within limits.

Many users consider Affirm to be the best BNPL app for various reasons. It offers users a whopping purchase limit of $17,500 and, like Afterpay, only a soft credit check is run before the transactions are greenlit. This app comes with no fee of any kind, even the dreaded “late penalties” that some BNPL providers charge. Also, Affirm charges simple interest and not compounding rates on repayments.

Sezzle has some of the best flexible payment plans. The main selling proposition of this app is that users can reschedule their payments and get up to two weeks of additional time to repay what they owe the providers.

Splitit comes with no credit checks. Essentially, it uses the existing credit of one’s credit card to determine how likely a person will repay the loan. Users can get payments for 3 to 24 months.

People with a bad credit score will love this one because it does not consider credit history. Perpay enables users to make payments from their paychecks whenever they arrive. As a result, it is one of the most sought-after BNPL picks.