5 benefits of text messaging as a small business tool

Starting a business can be an overwhelming venture for aspiring entrepreneurs. Aspects of the small business, like demand, supply, and customer service, must be constantly improved so it can thrive. However, in the buzz of social media and its avenues, text messaging is often forgotten as a means to communicate. Surveys indicate that SMS marketing has a higher click-through rate and read time. Here is how text messaging can help a small business grow.

Real-time communication
A business can communicate with its client base in real time through text messaging, which helps improve response times and decision-making. SMS replies are about 60 times faster than emails. For instance, it may take 90 seconds to respond to a text, while an email may take up to 90 minutes.

Improved customer service
With the help of text messaging services, a business can easily follow up with customers regarding factors like appointments, complaints, promotions, and their quality of service. Through quick responses, a business can identify problems quickly and deal with them immediately. Ultimately, it helps boost the business’ loyalty and Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Lead capture with web-to-text
A web-to-text widget can help a business maximize conversation traffic in various situations. For example, the tool will let visitors immediately text the business about their queries or purchases instead of waiting for a reply to their email or spending time on hold on call.

Improved customer relationship management
A text messaging service may help improve customer relationships by providing personalized, convenient, and instant communication. This could help build a better loyalty base and boost customer satisfaction. So in trying times, customers will continue to stay with the business.

Improved staff efficiency
Text messaging tools can help a business improve staff productivity and save time. The customer can communicate through a simple interface that is also easy for a team member to handle. The ease of use creates a positive experience for both users. Additionally, the sales team can engage with more prospects, while customer service representatives can better address customer needs.