4 warning signs of UTI in cats and effective remedies

Urinary tract infections can be highly distressing for cats, although they do not develop them as often as dogs. Older cats are often vulnerable to several urinary tract issues that tend to have certain common symptoms. In such cases, it is a good idea to identify the signs early to consult a veterinarian for timely treatment and control such symptoms. Here are some common warning signs of UTI in cats and their management options

Signs and symptoms of urinary tract infections

Difficulty urinating
If a cat cannot pass urine properly or visibly struggles while urinating, it could be a sign of a urinary tract infection. The presence of bladder stones or bladder inflammation could cause this difficulty.

Blood in urine
Urine may be discolored among cats with UTI. Furthermore, sometimes, one may notice a trace of blood in their urine, which is a common sign of UTI, especially among female cats.

Avoiding the litter box
If cats frequently urinate outside their litter boxes, it may – although not necessarily – indicate that they have a urinary tract infection. So, if a cat urinates outside the litter box often and shows other signs of a UTI, one should consult a vet immediately.

Urinating unusually often
Cats with UTI often show a frequent need to urinate, which is mainly because they are unable to clear their bladders completely at the first go. It means they cannot get fully rid of the toxins in their bodies.

Management options and remedies

Fluid therapy
Here, cats are given fluids intravenously or subcutaneously to prevent dehydration and help them pass urine more effortlessly.

Urinary catheter or surgery
In severe cases of UTI, vets may have to use a urinary catheter to surgically remove urethral blocks in male cats.

Foods closest to the natural food regime of cats
It’s best to serve foods that cats are most used to having in their natural habitats – meats, high-protein foods, less carbs, and high moisture levels. Such foods help boost their immunity to fight better against UTIs.