4 reasons why Google Ads are ideal for any business

Google ads has become an indispensable tool for online marketing as it optimizes the process of reaching one’s target audience directly and efficiently. Millions of people seek all kinds of information on the search engine daily, making Google a goldmine of opportunities for advertisers, bloggers, and businesses to promote their products or services. But what exactly is Google Ads, and why is it an ideal tool for big or small businesses?

What is Google Ads?
Simply put, Google Ads are the “sponsored” posts that pop up after one types a desired keyword in the search engine. These sponsored posts are ad campaigns run by the respective companies to drive traffic to their landing page. For this exposure, the company pays a small pay-per-action or pay-per-click amount to Google, which can vary according to the keyword demand, one’s spending limit, search volume, time of the year, and other relevant factors.

Why are Google Ads ideal for any business?

Massive reach
Google gets around 5 billion searches every day, many of which are queries to solve various problems. Businesses that solve these problems can easily leverage these keywords through simple SEO searches and market their brand to the right customers.

Wide range of targeting
The platform is not limited to specific types of customers. One can target any audience spanning a buyer’s journey, from broader keywords like ‘lip balm’ to long-tail keywords with specific intent like ‘vegan lip balm for sensitive skin’. This ensures advertisers can reach potential customers at various stages of their purchasing process.

Highly flexible
Any business with a limited marketing budget can start by placing their ads on Google. The average cost of click is about $1 to $2 for most Google Adwords. Not only that, one can also set a spending limit, wherein if customers take an intended action and it hits the pay-per-click mark, then the spending halts. This helps brands avoid overspending. Similarly, one can also narrow down the user base by location, demographics, preferences, devices, and other targeting options, ensuring that the ad reaches the most relevant audience.

High return on investment
It’s important to note that Google only charges the company if a user clicks on their ad, which makes the entire process reasonable, fair, and cost-effective. This also allows brands to reallocate funds from non-performing campaigns and reinvest the cost into other more promising ad strategies.