4 project management mistakes online Gantt charts can help avoid

Handling a project is a lot of hard work. With so many moving parts to overlook, making mistakes and missing crucial deadlines is easy. However, there is a simple solution to these problems: an online Gantt chart. A Gantt chart displays all project-related tasks in one space so one can easily monitor the project. Here are the four most common project management mistakes online Gantt charts can help people avoid.

Failure to set a clear timeline
When starting a new project, all team members should know the flow of processes and deadlines. It can lead to confusion and delays if everyone is not on the same page. Here’s where a Gantt chart steps in to save the day. It pushes team leaders to create the overall schedule and flow and connect various teams for a seamless project rollout.

Forgetting about task dependencies
Before starting any project, the team members should know the order in which they must perform individual tasks. Skipping this could create a lack of accountability and delay the project. An online Gantt chart can help illustrate the flow of tasks in a simple way using arrows and the Critical Path Method (CPM).

A lack of coordination
Every project involves several stakeholders. When one stakeholder finishes a specific task, the next one takes over. However, there must be a proper handoff for things to move smoothly. Team members often fail to communicate clearly, leading to hold-ups. An online Gantt chart avoids this as it visualizes when these handoffs will occur between individuals, teams, and departments, helping the project continue without a hitch.

Failure to track progress
Tracking progress becomes challenging in the hustle and bustle of a new project. An online Gantt chart clarifies which tasks have been completed and which remain. It offers a bird’s eye view of the whole project, eliminating the need to dig through emails to create progress reports.