4 common mistakes to avoid when using dash cams

Dash cams are a valuable accessory to use while driving. Although some drivers use them solely for recording their travel journey, dash cams can also capture crucial evidence in the event of an accident or road rage incident. The footage recorded by the dash cam can be useful as evidence in court proceedings to support a case. However, there are some common mistakes that drivers should avoid when using dash cams.

Incorrect installation
As mentioned earlier, dash cams come in handy in court proceedings as they record footage that can be used as evidence. Therefore, it is essential to install the dash cam properly at the right angle to be able to capture everything. Additionally, it is recommended that the dash cam be kept discreet and not fully visible to strangers. So, make sure to place it accordingly.

Not backing up data
It is important to back up the data regularly from the dash cam. This is because the files are prone to getting lost or corrupted over time, so it is important to collect the valuable data before a technical glitch erases it. A couple of ways to save the data are by removing the SD card and transferring the content to the computer or using applications provided by some of the dash cam providers, where the footage can directly be stored in the cloud.

Forgetting to format
While backing up the data from the SD card, it is crucial to format the SD card before use. Many brands suggest this to prevent any sort of malfunctioning of the footage. Storage problems or corrupted files can cause such issues in the long run. Therefore, format the card every couple of days and save the data simultaneously.

Ignoring local laws
While using a dash cam is completely fine, it must be operated within legal boundaries. There are data privacy laws and placement regulations that must be followed. The placement of the dash cam should not affect the driver’s view. Therefore, check the relevant regulations and be aware of the rules.