4 common mistakes to avoid on a safari

For many of us, going on a safari is a dream. Making the ideal safari holiday a reality requires a lot of preparation, budgeting, and research on the part of the traveler. Some find it exciting because of the thrill safaris present, while others are invested in experiencing mother nature in its true form. However, it is important to consider the responsibility this excitement brings and try to avoid some common mistakes.

Safaris are one of those instances where less is considered more. Avoid overpacking at all costs. And while you are at it, make sure you are avoiding the types and colors of clothing that are unsafe for safaris. Not to mention overpacking can make the trip an uncomfortable experience. Therefore, pack just the essentials and avoid all that can be left behind.

Ignoring safety protocols
Safaris come with a set of safety protocols for a reason. You must always follow the guide’s instructions and avoid venturing into the wild on your own. Do not exit the vehicle without permission, and don’t try to go too close to the animals. Remember that you are on forest territory, and it is home to numerous wild animals. 

Not preparing the right way
Safaris are day-long expeditions into the wild, often in scorching temperatures or pouring rain. Equip yourself with safety equipment and dress according to the weather to prepare yourself for the safari. Don’t forget your sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses on a hot summer day. And make sure you wear waterproof footwear and cover up with a rain jacket if it is pouring. It is important to be prepared for whatever weather you may encounter during the day.

Being focused on snapping
These days capturing a moment is touted as more important as opposed to living in the moment itself. Don’t let that social norm deter you from living the overall experience. Put that camera down for a few minutes and enjoy what nature has to offer in its truest form. Plus, getting too close to the animals or using flash photography can only land you in trouble when trying to enjoy your safari vacation.

Polluting the environment
Do not treat your safari vacation as a time to spread litter and pollute the clean and green environment. Remember not to disturb or harm the environment. Leave it unpolluted and unmarred by human pollutants.