3 mistakes to avoid when buying a RAM pickup truck

RAM is a renowned brand of pickup trucks known for their rugged durability, impressive towing capacity, and stylish design. They are reasonably priced and offer a lot of versatility to their customers. However, seasoned truck drivers or those considering buying their first RAM pickup truck should be mindful of certain mistakes while choosing their ride. These mistakes may cost more in the long run or result in buying a truck that doesn’t meet one’s needs.

Buying the wrong cabin size
RAM pickup trucks come with various cabin sizes. A pickup truck’s cabin size primarily determines the interior space available for passengers and cargo. Those considering buying one should carefully consider how many passengers will travel in the pickup truck. A cabin size that is too small can impact comfort, leading to passengers cramming in uncomfortably. RAM offers three main choices in this regard: a regular cabin with two doors and front seating, an extended cabin with front and rear seating with mostly smaller or no rear doors, and a crew cabin with full-sized doors and front and back seats. This also changes the cost; for example, a regular cabin RAM 1500 truck costs about $25,660, but a crew cab can shoot up to $32,475.

Picking the wrong bed size
Another aspect people tend to over- or underestimate is their requirements regarding the bed size. Most RAM trucks can carry sufficient load, but it’s important to research how much load a particular RAM pickup truck can carry as per manufacturer’s guidelines. Exceeding the weight limits can lead to mechanical or maneuvering issues and can be a risky driving experience for passengers and other cars on the road. Inversely, buying a bigger bed than necessary means paying more for fuel and the model itself.

Getting more amenities than necessary
Amenities like basic safety features, are usually in-built and come with the cost of the truck, but add-on features like leather seats or high-tech audio systems require additional investment, which also increases insurance costs and affects gas mileage. One may be tempted to add on luxury upgrades, but it’s important to be mindful of what is truly necessary. Going for a basic RAM pickup truck may be enough if it meets one’s daily travel needs.