3 eco-friendly products for daily use

Climate change is real, and its effects are felt daily, even if they are not fully discernible by a certain percentage of the global population. As the days get hotter and the polar ice caps continue to shrink, countermeasures are necessary to inhibit climate change to some extent. Everyone on the planet needs to make their own contribution to achieve this objective. Purchasing eco-friendly products for daily use is a proven way towards this initiative.

Sustainable toilet paper
Certain types of toilet paper are made with the utmost care for the environment. Additionally, such products are occasionally used by manufacturers to donate profits to developing countries, where cleaner sanitation can be facilitated by this exercise. Clean sanitation is a major boost towards making the planet less filthy and more sustainable in the long run. Additionally, the materials used in eco-friendly toilet paper do not require the felling of trees or other unsustainable practices.

Bamboo toothbrushes
Plastic is a major contributor to carbon emissions and, on the whole, debilitating various ecosystems worldwide. Therefore, any sustainability initiative must begin with the promise of not using plastic-made products and equipment. Toothbrushes, like several other daily-use products, are made of plastic, rubber, and other similar substances. A better alternative is using bamboo toothbrushes. They have been found to be just as effective and hygienic as regular toothbrushes but with greater emphasis on protecting the environment from the onslaught of plastic.

Handmade organic soaps
Soaps are used daily for cleaning and bathing purposes. However, the soap water generated from industrially manufactured soaps tends to end up in groundwater, lakes, and other water bodies. This water is a major contaminant and causes degradation of the planet in the long run. This is because commercial soaps contain several harmful ingredients and chemicals that cause harm to the environment in the long run. Instead, people can use organic, handmade soaps made from natural ingredients and containing zero to minimal amounts of chemical compounds in their constitution.

Some other products that qualify as eco-friendly and usable on a daily basis are paper straws, coconut coir, and reusable containers.